Easy Load Tray-XL (3 Ramps)

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Easy Load Tray-XL (Three Ramps)

The Easy Load Tray-XL (ELT-XL) is built specifically for the larger, heavier and fat tire trikes as well as larger, longer hand cycles. Usable space to carry a trike or hand cycle is ~40.5” front to back and the wheel channels are 63” L to R.

The ELT-XL function is the same as the standard ELT. It is the same 13 pieces except the Center Tube, Receiver Hitch Insert and Wheel Chocks are made of steel. The Center Tube being made of steel increases the ELT-XL weight to ~62 pounds The remaining 10 pieces are aluminum. Unlike the ELT the Wheel Channels and Ramps are ~5” wide to accommodate tat tires and the extreme wheel camber of some hand cycles.

The ELT-XL rotates to vertical on a 1/2” clevis pin but the safety pin remains a 3/8” clevis pin. The safety pin arrangement is a bit different than the ELT as it penetrates the Center Tube rather than fitting across the upper or lower surface of the tube.

Basic usable space to carry a trike is ~40.5” front to back and the Wheel Channels remain 63”.long. Wheel Channels may be manipulated the same as the ELT to increase L to R width. 

The ELT-XL is 6” longer front to back than the standard Easy Load Tray to accommodate wider track trikes and weighs approximately 38 pounds. The Wheel Channels and Ramps are 5” wider for 7.75" of width to accommodate Fat Tires. Otherwise, the two products are functionally the same.

Note: The bottom of the 2" receiver hitch must be at least 16" above the ground. If it is not, a riser will be required. We can provide a recommendation for the appropriate riser.

If a riser is required for the transporting vehicle to assure the 16" hitch clearance, a smaller Hitch Tite is required for the riser shaft where it connects to the trike transporting vehicle. Click here for Small Hitch Tite.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please be sure to email or call us prior to placing your order to ensure that your vehicle can properly secure an Easy Load Tray. A $50 cancellation fee will be applied to your refund upon order cancellation. Bend It Cycling will contact you regarding shipping costs after order is placed. Depending on your delivery address, Shipping costs typically range between $75 and $105 for orders shipped within the US.

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