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AGOGIE Resistance Training Pants are quite simply revolutionizing the way competitive athletes train. For years athletes with means have taken advantage of training "at altitude" to help their heart and lungs work harder so that you can produce explosive results at lower elevations. That type of training can surely provide advantages when the big day comes, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to train on a planet with 15% or even 30% more gravity than Earth? With AGOGIE Resistance Training Pants, now you can come close. Imagine a training routine where every move you make takes over 15% more effort than normal to complete. Any question that you could reap the rewards of following such a training routine when race day comes? 

AGOGIE Resistance Training Pants come in 2 resistance levels:

-AGOGIE Resistance Training Pants +20 will add a little resistance to increase calorie burn and strength gains from any training routine 
-AGOGIE Resistance Training Pants +40 will add twice the resistance of the +20s and are guaranteed to deliver significant training gains. 

And with any pair of AGOGIE Resistance Training Pants, if you need to give your legs a rest, simply slip your heels out of them for a break!

AGOGIE Resistance Training Pants are already worn by athletes around the world today that are stepping up their game and raising the bar in the process. Training in AGOGIE Resistance Training Pants is like wearing resistance bands carefully placed to provide counter resistance to every direction your legs naturally move. Simply put, AGOGIE's patented technology naturally and safely improves muscle and cardiovascular performance to help provide you with a decisive edge on race day.

AGOGIE Resistance Training Pants provide up to 15% more resistance per pedal stroke making them ideal for getting the most out of training rides. In addition, these training tights can help you reap the benefits of longer training rides in less time by helping you maximize the effects of your time on your 'bent. 

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