'Bent Bottoms

Ride recumbent...or want to...in comfort from the waist down? Our 'bent bottoms - shorts, pants, leggings, and more - have been shaped to address the most important and persistent requests of recumbent cyclists. We've noticed from experience and your feedback that it 'seams' most cycling shorts and pants just don't feel right for our recumbent rides. Seams, pockets, padding, vents...nothing is in quite the right place. So, we've gone ahead and created a line of shorts, pants and bottoms for 'bent riders to feel great in. As innovators in the recumbent apparel business, we continuously 'evolve our ride' gear based on the road-tested insights and feedback we get from our customers. Here you'll encounter an ever growing and changing collection of pants, shorts, bibs, and other items to wear down low.

NOTICE: Our retail line of original Bend It Cycling apparel is being discontinued. Once our current inventory of BIC original apparel is sold out, there will be no new stock coming in.