Differences between Upright and Recumbent Bikes!

Posted by Bend It Cycling on 9/23/2013
How are upright bikes different from recumbent bikes? To answer that question, let’s tell you--totally! The only similarities between them are that they have handlebars and a seat and you need to pump the pedals to move them. Maybe that’s the reason why they’re both called bikes. 

So here’s how they’re different. Let’s begin with how they’re built. Recumbent can have three wheels also, so they’re called trikes. Your posture when you sit on a recumbent is relaxed, like you’re in an easy chair whereas on an upright you’re sitting up straight or maybe hunched over. The recumbent seat is made of mesh and is generally wider so it supports your lower back. The upright seat is diamond-shaped and not very comfortable. Let’s just say, it takes getting used to. 

When you’re seated in a recumbent, your arms are at easy positions, on either side of you with your hands gripping the handles at shoulder level. But the upright bike’s handles are at a lower level and if you’re hunched over, you’ll be putting pressure on your arms. You might have some trouble when going up slopes in a recumbent because unlike uprights you cannot use your body weight to push hard on the pedals. 

Another major factor is that you've probably learned to ride an upright bike when you were a kid but you’ll have to learn riding the recumbent like you’re learning a new sport. That’s because the dynamics of a recumbent are going to be new to you. Balancing and steering will take practice. 

But with the right gear, you could enjoy it more. Check out the recumbent range we have for you at www.benditcycling.com Pick a nice jersey and some cool shorts and get on your recumbent.