Easy Load Ramp System (2 Ramps)

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The Easy Load Ramp System (ELRS) allows recumbent trike enthusiasts to load and unload their cycles to and from their transporting vehicles. The ELRS provides stability and safety during the loading and unloading process for the able-bodied and the physically challenged alike. This finely-crafted, unique product is made of aircraft grade aluminum ensuring very light weight while maintaining durable. The ELRS is compatible with vehicles such as vans, pick-ups, SUVs or trailers.

The Easy Load Ramp Support Stand is available for those recumbent trike riders who do not have a receiver hitch on their trike transporting vehicle. It should be considered as a portable receiver hitch. It is compatible with either the two or three ramp ELRS. It is designed for the customer with lifting issues allowing the heavy end (normally the back wheel) of an electric assist or battery powered trike to be pushed up the ramps first.

Additional Useful Components
(sold separately)

Wider Ramp Support "T" (“T”) -The standard “T” is 40” wide and is satisfactory to use for recumbent trikes and handcycles with a wheel track of up to 37”. Specialty trikes or four wheel cycles may have a wheel track that have a tire width of over 37" and require a longer “T”. As such a longer “T” is available on special order based on the customers “T” width requirement.

Pick-up Truck Kit

Receiver Hitch Insert (RHI) for Pick-up Trucks (RHI-PU) For recumbent trike and handcycle riders owning a pick-up truck, the RHI must be longer to allow the Ramp Support "T" to be used when the tailgate is lowered to horizontal. The RHI-PU is 26" long and allows the Ramp Support “T” to clear the tailgate when lowered to horizontal and the ELRS to be used properly and safely..
Ramp Support “T” for Pick-up Trucks (T-PU) Pick-up trucks are generally taller, from the RHI to the floor of the truck. than a van or SUV. As such, a taller Ramp Support "T" is required. The T-PU has been developed in order for the "T" to clear the tailgate lowered to horizontal.

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