Easy Load Ramp System-XLWide (3 Ramps)

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Easy Load Ramp Configuration
Easy Load Ramp System XLW (Three Ramps)

Everything about the Easy Load Ramp System-XLW is the same as the description for the Easy Load Ramp System-XL except the Ramps. These ramps are ~5” wide and designed for Fat Tire Trikes. They are also an excellent choice for loading hand cycles. The 5” width of the ramp is an easier “target” for a person to load a hand cycle from a wheelchairThe 5” width prevents the spokes on a camber wheeled hand cycle from rubbing on the Ramp sidewalls. 

Please measure the height/distance from the bottom of the receiver hitch up to the floor of the vehicle (marked in red circle in the below picture).

Pick-up Truck Kit (plus $9.00)

Receiver Hitch Insert (RHI) for Pick-up Trucks (RHI-PU) For recumbent trike and handcycle riders owning a pick-up truck, the RHI must be longer to allow the Ramp Support "T" to be used when the tailgate is lowered to horizontal. The RHI-PU allows the Ramp Support “T” to clear the tailgate when lowered to horizontal and the Easy Load Ramp System to be used properly and safely..
Ramp Support “T” for Pick-up Trucks (T-PU) Pick-up trucks are generally taller, from the RHI to the floor of the truck. than a van or SUV. As such, a taller Ramp Support "T" is required. The T-PU has been developed in order for the "T" to clear the tailgate lowered to horizontal.

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