Easy Load Tray (2 Ramps)

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Easy Load Tray (Two Ramps)

The Easy Load Tray (ELT) uses the transporting Vehicle’s 2” receiver hitch. It lays out flat to load your trike or handcycle from either side with two ramps. Three ramps are available if desired. There are two wheel chocks on the outside wheel trays and tie down straps on all three wheel trays. It folds vertically when unloaded therefore it is not required to remove the Tray when the trike or handcycle is not loaded. 

This is our basic tray system and holds one tadpole type trike, D trike or hand cycle. The trike transporting vehicles 2” receiver hitch must have a ground clearance or 16”. If not, a riser is required to make it so. If a riser is required then it must also have a second Hitch Tite to secure it from moving.

The ELT comes with running and brake lights as well as turn signals. Power to the lights is supplied through either a flat four pin or a round seven blade connector. Easy Load will install either so as to match the trike transporting vehicle.

The ELT is lightweight and easy to handle at ~36 pounds as 10 of the 13 pieces are aluminum. The 2” Receiver Hitch Insert and Wheel Chocks are made from steel. The aluminum pieces consist of 1 Center Tube, L and R Sides, one Front Piece, one Light Bar, three Wheel Channels with grip tape and two Ramps with grip tape. Three Ramps are available. The Ramps and Wheel Channels are ~3” wide. The RHI and Wheel Chocks are made of steel. The Wheel Chocks are fitted with nylon straps and buckles to secure the two wheels of a trike and the center Wheel Channel is fitted with a third strap and buckle to secure the single wheel of the trike. The Center Tube is also used as a conduit for wiring to the lights. Basic usable space to carry a trike is ~36.5” front to back and the Wheel Channels are 63”.long. The effective width, L to R, may be increased by manipulating placement of the Wheel Channels. Moving the center Wheel Channel 6” to the L or R and the outside Wheel Channels 6” the opposite direction will effective ly increase the width by 12”.

The ELT, when a trike is not loaded, rotates to vertical to be out of the way when the vehicle is parked. The ELT rotates on a 3/8” Clevis Pin and is held safely in either vertical or horizontal position with an additional 3/8” clevis pin. It is important to note when lowering the ELT to horizontal the safety pin must be inserted before the trike is loaded as the heavier trikes may make the ELT sag just a bit and inserting the safety pin may not be possible. A second safety feature of the Easy Load Tray is a gravity lock when rotated to vertical. When the triker rotates the ELT to vertical, it will drop about ~1/2” to assure it will not fall to the horizontal position. The safety pin must also be reinserted as a secondary feature to keep the ELT vertical.

The trike can be loaded from either side as the Wheel Channels are “ambidextrous” and the Wheel Chocks can be placed on either the left or right side to facilitate loading from either side to best fit the customer needs. 

*Is your trike running on fat tires? Check out the Easy Load Tray-XL here which has ramps a full 5 inches wider to accommodate wider tires!
Note: The bottom of the 2" receiver hitch must be at least 16" above the ground. If it is not, a riser will be required. We can provide a recommendation for the appropriate riser.

If a riser is required for the transporting vehicle to assure the 16" hitch clearance, a smaller Hitch Tite is required for the riser shaft where it connects to the trike transporting vehicle. Click here for Small Hitch Tite.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please be sure to email or call us prior to placing your order to ensure that your vehicle can properly secure an Easy Load Tray. A $50 cancellation fee will be applied to your refund upon order cancellation. Bend It Cycling will contact you regarding shipping costs after order is placed. Depending on your delivery address, Shipping costs typically range between $75 and $105 for orders shipped within the US.
5 Stars
Easy Load Tray
I purchased the Easy Load Tray and just completed assembly. It took a few hours but I wanted it right. Assembly was not bad as instructions were good, and the process was somewhat intuitive. What I liked about it was that what appeared to be the right way to assemble in a few cases was not right as the holes didn’t line up as I expected they would. Simply put, if the holes don’t line up, you got it wrong. This prevents making a mistake thereby causing one to go back 8 steps and reposition a piece. I’m happy with the end result! Great product! Thank you.
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Reviewed by:  from Connecticut . on 4/10/2021
5 Stars
I put this together in about 2 hours with help from a pal. Drove 168 miles the next day and everything worked like a charm. I’m 72 and my pal is 75. If we two old ladies can do this, anybody can!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Santa Rosa, Ca. on 8/24/2021
5 Stars
Toilet Seat Baron
Great product and the customer service is absolutely excellent. You need to fine tune the installation instructions a little. Tell everyone where your hitch is in relation to the rack. Ultimately if you take your time you CAN NOT put the rack together incorrectly. Solid unit that we have put to good use already. Michigan to Florida so I am very pleased..
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Reviewed by:  from Michigan. on 2/15/2022

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