Enjoy your Recumbent Ride with Bend it Knit Caps

Posted by Bend It Cycling on 3/3/2014
At www.benditcycling.com we understand that avid bent enthusiasts like you don’t see why they should have to put away their bents for winter. With the proper winter gear, like the kind you can pick up at our site, you can enjoy your riding stints without worrying about the weather.

One of the most essential items in your gear is no doubt the knit cap. You can choose from an awesome range of NCAA licensed knit caps, and we keep adding new schools to our collection.

You can comfortably wear our knit caps under your helmet, just make sure you loosen your helmet straps to accommodate your cap. Knit caps are absolutely essential when you want to ride in extremely cold weather. As you ride, the holes in your biking helmet serve to keep you cool in summers by allowing cool wind to reach your head. But come winters and these holes have exactly the opposite effect.

Cold winds can feel like icicles penetrating your skull. Not a nice feeling!! Which is why you absolutely need the protection of a knit cap. When your ears get cold, you notice right away but not so with your face. (We all know that!) These caps will help keep your forehead from eyebrows up, warm. You won’t notice it during the ride but you might feel a little light-headed when you get off your bent if you haven’t worn a cap to keep your head warm.

That makes the knit cap a necessity. And our knit caps? They will serve you well, even at 35 Degrees and lower!!

So, the next time you’re getting ready for a winter riding tour, make sure you add the knit cap to your outfit. As we say at www.benditcycling.com Stay toasty warm on the coldest days!!!