Importance of Wearing a Bicycle Helmet Properly

Posted by Bend It Cycling on 2/5/2014

What’s the big deal about wearing a helmet? It’s hardly rocket science. All you need to do is strap it on and you’re good to go.

Is that what you thought when you read the title of this blog?

Well, you actually need to rethink your views.

Here’s the thing---How you wear your helmet can make a world of difference of how badly you can get injured if you were to fall. You’ll know if your helmet is not positioned properly if it exposes the back of your head or your forehead. That probably means that your straps are not fastened correctly. Remember, after you strap on your helmet and try to move it from side to side, your skin should move with it. That’s how you’ll know its securely in place.

Let’s talk stats. You can reduce the probability of an injury by 85%, simply by wearing a helmet.

You can also reduce your risk of a brain injury by 88%. 75% of the deaths in accidents occurred because the bicycle riders were not wearing helmets.

Sure, we’ve got safer bikes than before and drivers are more cautious around bikers. We have a lot of safety rules on the roads and awareness campaigns are working. But you do need to be prepared for that one unlucky incident, should it happen. And the best way to do that is to wear the correct helmet.

When buying your helmet, its always a good idea to try it on yourself but if you can’t, make sure you measure the circumference of your head and buy it accordingly. For added protection, you could buy the NCAA Helmet Skinz you can find at  You will love our range of colors and logos.

And pass this message along. We at want you to be safe. So strap on that helmet and go for that ride!