My Favorite Long-sleeved Recumbent Jersey!

Posted by Bend It Cycling on 10/31/2013

Looking for a smart long-sleeved jersey? 

We at have just the thing for you. Check out the Sam Whittingham Long Sleeve Recumbent Jersey. Made with CoolMax technology, it will keep bacteria-free and offers great UV protection. But if you have other requirements that will match the weather you’re riding in, we have answers for that too.

For instance, if you’re looking for arm coolers which means arm covers that will keep you protected in warm temperatures, you can order them too. Just use them along with your jersey and they’ll help keep you up to 3% cooler. That’s because they’re made of 100% recycled polyester REPREVE fabric that protects you from thermal radiation from infra-red light.

What’s more, they keep sweat away from your body and allow you to dry quickly because of the 2-way circulation they provide. They are perfect for riding out on a hot sunny day and if you feel the weather’s cooling a little, just slip them off.

You could also be looking for arm warmers for chilly days. They provide the perfect thermal insulation you need for varying temperatures between 35-60F/2-15 C and again if you feel the weather’s getting too warm, just slip them off. These warmers offer you another advantage. Pick ones in neon yellow with the smart reflective Bend It Cycling logo and you can make sure drivers can spot you easily when natural light is waning.

With so many positives, there should be nothing stopping you from ordering your jersey and arm covers today!!