New Bay Bridge Biking--Some Safety Tips

Posted by Bend It Cycling on 10/24/2013

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge offers people an opportunity to view the bridge from close quarters, by going for a run or taking their bikes for a spin on the Alexander Zuckermann Bicycle-Pedestrian Path. And the feedback is--The View is Stunning!!!

But before you start out for the garage to get your bike, please take a look at some safety tips we have for you. For starters, please do respect the markings that clearly demarcate the trails for pedestrians and cyclists. Next, a little heads up on the trail. If you’re going westward, you’ll have an uphill climb and the wind factor might make you work harder to keep your bike moving.

But if you’re going eastward, the decline and the tailwind might make it difficult for you to control your speed. So, if your bike doesn't have a computer or any other system that lets you keep watch on your speed, you need to be careful. You’re likely to go over the acceptable speed limit of 15 mph before even realizing it.

Another factor you need to keep in mind is that there are still a few construction tailends that are being worked on. So, before heading out for a ride, you might want to check and see if any sections of the path are closed for the day.

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So, suit up and get going!!!