Outrider’s Electric Recumbent!

Posted by Bend It Cycling on 9/16/2013

In 2012, Outrider’s recumbents scored 1st and 2nd places at the Pike’s Peak Pedal Electric Hill Climb and set a new record of 23:32. So, the next time someone tells you that you can’t navigate uphill climbs on recumbents; you can tell them that you can. With a smart electric recumbent trike from Outrider and cool recumbent gear from www.benditcycling.com

Outrider was founded by Tommy who was looking for a faster way to get to college. He roped in Daniel and Jesse and together they started Outrider USA in Fletcher, North Carolina. The recumbents they create have speeds which can go up to 40mph and ranges of 165 miles. They are built by hand in the USA and have motors and drive systems all made in America. Outrider gives you a 2 year limited warranty and a free tune up at 6 months.

Outriders come in three models and the model’s name will tell you the continuous output the motor is capable of giving you. The Transition 311 Solo motor gives you 3,000 watts; and the 411 Hyperlite, and 422 Alpha, both give you 4,000 watts each.

So now that you have an Outrider there’s nothing stopping you from telling the next guy who challenges you—You’re On!!