Recumbent Bikes Offer a more Comfortable Option for Riders!

Posted by Bend It Cycling on 11/6/2013

If you've been noticing more recumbent on the roads lately, it’s because more and more people are switching to this far more comfortable option. You've also probably heard recumbent fans talk about how much they enjoy riding them and that they’re putting in more miles. So, let’s talk about some basic common sense pointers about why ‘recumbent are better.

The most important practical point is the distribution of your weight. In a regular bike you’re placing all your weight on a very small total area such as the little diamond seat, the handlebars under your hands and the pedals under your feet. And then you’re working hard to push on the pedals. Whereas in the ‘bent, you whole weight is placed in the mesh seat with your back completely supported. Make sense?

Remember the time when you were a kid and learning to ride your first bike? And remember the bruised knees and elbows? You might also remember your Dad fondly, as he ran behind you holding on to the bike so you didn't fall. If you’re looking to get started on a ‘bent, you can simply choose the three-wheel option. Make more sense?

A final important point, your legs won’t be hanging down and you won’t be hunched forward putting your neck and shoulders in a very awkward position. In a ‘bent, your legs will be stretched out in front of you and you’ll be easily pumping the pedals. And your neck and shoulders will be kept back, the way they’re meant to be. If that doesn't clinch the deal….

So, stop by at your nearest recumbent store today and while you’re reading this check out the great ‘bent apparel at Happy Riding!!