Tips for Beginners to Enjoy Riding a Trike

Posted by Bend It Cycling on 2/19/2014

Riding a trike is a whole lot of fun and you’re probably enjoying the ease with which you've got the hang of it. Trikes don’t fall over as much as two wheeler. But we have a few tips for you that will enhance your enjoyment even more.

Get your trike adjusted so that it fits your body structure. The boom length should be such that when your foot is on the pedal furthest away from you, your knee is slightly bent. Arrange your seat angle according to the road conditions where you will be riding. Like, for example, you’re riding on a level road, then you can recline a bit more. But if you’re going to be riding uphill or if you feel that you need added visibility, you might need your seat angle to be a bit more upright.

Make sure you have the correct gear. Well fitting helmets are an absolute must and your clothes should be brightly colored so other vehicle drivers and spot you easily. You’ll also want clothes without uncomfortable seams and buttons in the wrong places. Chafing can be very annoying. Check out our collection at You will find everything you need and you’ll see that we have taken care of all your requirements and concerns. We even have pockets cleverly positioned so that you don’t drop your stuff along the way.

We also have these smart glasses called the Third Eye Eye Glass Mirrors. They’ll help you spot traffic coming up behind you without your having to turn your head.

Another important trip. Relax. The more relaxed and tension free you are, the more comfortable will be your ride. And learn which gears to use where. They will help you put less strain on your knees.

Well then, keep these tips in mind and with the awesome gear from you’ll completely enjoy your trike experience.