Differences between Upright and Recumbent Bikes!

Posted by Bend It Cycling on 9/23/2013
How are upright bikes different from recumbent bikes? To answer that question, let’s tell you--totally! The only similarities between them are that they have handlebars and a seat and you need to pump the pedals to move them. Maybe that’s the reason why they’re both called bikes.

Outrider’s Electric Recumbent!

Posted by Bend It Cycling on 9/16/2013
In 2012, Outrider’s recumbents scored 1st and 2nd places at the Pike’s Peak Pedal Electric Hill Climb and set a new record of 23:32. So, the next time someone tells you that you can’t navigate uphill climbs on recumbents; you can tell them that you can. With a smart electric recumbent trike from Outrider and cool recumbent gear from www.benditcycling.com

Recumbents as Gym Equipment!

Posted by Bend It Cycling on 9/11/2013
You could be considering getting a stationary bike for your home gym and your dealer will probably show you upright bikes and recumbent. Choosing the upright bike is an easy decision because we all know that stationary or not, uprights are going to give you the same workout. So, in case you’re wondering if recumbent can offer you a good workout-- we’ll tell you—yes, they can.

How to Ride a Recumbent?

Posted by Bend It Cycling on 9/6/2013

You've watched people cruising along on their recumbent and you've probably thought—Hey! That looks easy. Well it is, if you know how. Riding an upright bicycle or a recumbent is all about balance. And that’s the first thing you’ll need to develop. 

Tips about Touring on a Recumbent Bike

Posted by Bend It Cycling on 9/1/2013

Before you finalize the dates of your recumbent bike tour, we have some great tips that you might want to keep in mind.

--You will need some smart and durable cycle wear and accessories. Check out our collection at www.benditcycling.com