Performance Recumbent Shorts & Bibs

If you are still riding with bulky upright cycling shorts, you should strongly consider switching to our recumbent shorts. All the recumbent cycling shorts that we carry are made out of the same sweat-wicking, fast-drying, dependable elastic material. The major difference is that our recumbent shorts do not have that bulky padding between the legs that was designed to fit nicely over the conventional bike "saddle". Riding with padded cycling shorts on a 'bent can cause chaffing and general discomfort - especially over long rides as the padding can shift around between your legs.

Everything from the meticulously designed fabric panels to the placement of seams on our recumbent cycling shorts are all for the sole purpose of further enhancing your 'bent riding experience!

NOTICE: Our retail line of original Bend It Cycling apparel is being discontinued. Once our current inventory of BIC original apparel is sold out, there will be no new stock coming in.

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 Elite Performance Shorts 2.0
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 Elite Performance Tights
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Elite Performance Bib Shorts 2.0
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