Recumbents as Gym Equipment!

Posted by Bend It Cycling on 9/11/2013
You could be considering getting a stationary bike for your home gym and your dealer will probably show you upright bikes and recumbent. Choosing the upright bike is an easy decision because we all know that stationary or not, uprights are going to give you the same workout. So, in case you’re wondering if recumbent can offer you a good workout-- we’ll tell you—yes, they can. For starters, recumbent offer you a more relaxed workout which some people might prefer if they have back problems or less core power. Riding a recumbent is also going to change your body angle because you’ll be sitting at a level lower than regular bikes with the handle bars placed on either side of the seat. The newest models come with all the necessary flexible settings. So you can program the resistance levels according to your comfort. They also include monitors for you to keep watch on your heart rate and PC displays to play your favorite music and videos while you exercise. There is one downside you need to consider, though. Recumbent are generally longer in length because of their seats and tend to take up more space. It’s a good thing to think about where you’re going to be putting it before you buy it. What you don’t need to think over is where you’ll be buying the gear to go with your new recumbent. Just click on this link and take your pick from an amazing range of tees, shorts, and everything else you could possibly need.